They / Them

Hey there! I'm Magnus, a thirty-something, non-binary trans writer, and self confessed fandom weirdo with an obsession for all things eldritch and body horror. I have a love for organising and running fandom events and zines, and seeing fandom folx having fun!

You can mostly find me flailing over KakaIru, Nanami Kento (and NanaGo), Matcha Blossom, WanXian, HuaLian, DazAtsu, Madk, and Hellsing, along with spamming pictures of my two cats and chickens on Twitter, or waffling away in my discord server. I'm really friendly, and don't bite, so hit me up if you want to talk, or would like any help/advice with fandom events/exchanges!

You can find me on the socials below!

I'm super friendly, and always welcome people reaching out to me for help with their zines and events-- though please do be prepared to tip me via ko-fi for my time!

I'm a busy person, and spending literal hours helping people on their projects (especially when the help needed is quite involved) is a lot of mental labour, and my time and expertise deserves to be valued!


Below are the fandoms that I am currently enjoying and actively particpate in (come scream on Twitter with me about them):

  • Naruto

  • Jujutsu Kaisen

  • SK8: the Infinity

  • Bungo Stray Dogs

  • Haikyuu!!

  • Genshin Impact

  • Witch Hat Atelier

  • TGCF

  • MDZS

  • Word of Honor

  • Hellsing Ultimate

  • Madk


I have been running and organising fandom events since early 2019. I have successfully run several closed (Discord only) and open exchanges, open fandom events, along with modding several zines as a co-head, socials, and organisation mod.

The Umino Hours Discord Server Events
I'm the owner and admin of The Umino Hours, an active and large Discord server. Some of the exchange pieces can be found in the server collection on AO3 - but please note that these are closed server events, and so some pieces are only uploaded in the server and are not available to view online. Some works can be found on the Tumblr for the server.

Below are currently all of the server exchanges and events that I have organised and moderated.

*denotes ongoing challenges with no end date

  • New Beginnings Exchange

  • 60 Mins To Gift - Masks

  • 90 Mins To Gift - Iruka's Birthday

  • 90 Mins To Gift - Halloween Edition

  • Quarantine Boredom Buster*

  • Umino Undercover Exchange

  • DTIYS Challenge*

  • Umino Hours Winter Bingo 2020

Fandom Events
Below are the open and closed fandom events that I have organised and moderated.

KakaIru Mini Bang 2020 | Tumblr | AO3 Collection

KakaIru Mini Bang 2021 | Tumblr

Naruto AU Week 2021 | Tumblr | AO3 Collection

Iruka Week 2021 | Tumblr | AO3 Collection

KakaIru Big Bang 2021 | Tumblr

Fandom Event Participation
Aside from running events, I also really enjoy participating in them! Below are all of the events that I have participated in creating fanworks for.
  • Naruto Fantasy Week 2019

  • KakaIru Week 2019

  • Naruto Fantasy Week 2020

  • KakaIru Mini Bang 2020

  • 90 Mins To Gift - Iruka's Birthday

  • Ten Days of Tenzo 2020

  • Kakashi Week 2020

  • 90 Mins To Gift - Halloween Edition

  • Gojo Week 2020

  • Naruto AU Week 2021

  • Iruka Week 2021

  • NanaIta Week 2021


MishMash Zines
In December 2020, a close friend, Yabakuboi, and me, set up a zine production studio called MishMash Zines.

Zines I've Moderated

The KakaIru Zine: IntertwinedCo-Head & SocialsComplete
When Gods WanderCo-Head & SocialsComplete; Free Download
A Thousand LightsCo-Head & SocialsComplete; Free Download
ShikaTema Zine: Vol 3General & SocialsShipped
Dimensions: A Naruto AU ArtbookCo-Head & SocialsLeftover Sales
The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's HotCo-Head & SocialsShipping
Astraeus: A BNHA Astrology ZineCo-Head & SocialsPreorders
The Dawn of Spring: A MXTX ZineCo-Head & SocialsCreation Period
Citrus: An AllYuuji ZineSocials & OrganisationCreation Period
The Iida ZineOrganisationPreparation: Coming 2022

Zines I've Participated In

The KakaIru Zine: IntertwinedWriterComplete
Malevolence: A Sukuna ZineWriterLeftover Sales
Dreams of Peace: A Naruto Founders ZineGuest WriterShipping
The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's HotWriterShipping
Bright Eyes: A GoYuu ZineWriterCreation Period
To Be RevealedWriterPreparation: Coming 2022